ARK Advocates

Our mission is to advocate and serve persons with disabilities in choosing where and how they learn, live, work, play and pray; in partnership with families and the community.

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Address: PO Box 3024
Dubuque, IA 52004-3024
Phone Number: 563-556-1785
ARK Advocates is a group of concerned adults and parents advocating with and for the needs of persons with disabilities. Our goals are to educate persons with disabilities and their families of their rights. Advocate for persons with disabilities on legal, governmental, educational, housing, health and employment issues. Provide referral services, disability awareness, financial assistance, and other resources.
Our family owes a lot to ARK Advocates. Our daughter Alyana has Spina Bifida, a physical disability, and they have opened up a whole new world of sports for her that likely wouldn't have been possible without them.
For someone with a physical disability, they can't just put on a pair of tennis shoes and pick up a ball and try out a new sport. They need equipment that is cost prohibitive for most families.
When Ally was younger we struggled to find a bike that would work for her. We tried to modify bikes from Target, but nothing ever worked. We learned about ARK Advocates and their lending library through the Roll & Sole-a-thon and they let us try a couple different bikes. We found one that worked for her and allowed her to get out and ride around with her sister and friends. From there she progressed to a hand-cycle and is now unstoppable around the neighborhood.
As she got older she wanted to play basketball with her friends, but because we didn't have a sports chair she wasn't able to. Through ARK's Adaptive Sports open gym, she was able to use their borrowed chairs and learn how to play wheelchair basketball, as well as tennis and many other sports. Ally took to these sports quickly and she has found an outlet to participate in sports that we never thought possible.
The added benefit we have found that that her friends, without any disabilities, have learned how to play adaptive sports too and have so much fun doing it! So ARK is not only allowing people with disabilities to play sports, but they are spreading awareness throughout the community that adaptive sports can be fun for all. With the money raised this year we hope to continue to grow the lending library as well as support the other programs ARK has to offer our community. ~Darter Family