Bellevue Community School District

We believe real-world learning opportunities build passionate and engaging experiences for student success in life.

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Address: 1601 State Street
Bellevue, IA 52031
Phone Number: 563-872-4913
The Bellevue Schools strive to provide quality learning experiences for all our students, with the goal of preparing our young people for success in an ever changing global society. An outstanding preschool for both 3 and 4-year old students provides a great start to our children's education. In addition, Bellevue Elementary develops the whole child, through various interactive and engaging learning programs, and a 1:1 computer program for grades 3-5, and iPads for students in grades K-2. Some specific programs that assist our students in their learning are Everyday Math, the Daily Five for literacy, Problem-Based Learning experiences where students apply their learning through critical thinking skills, FOSS Science kits, FAST Assessments, and multiple accelerated learning experiences through classrooms and small group experiences.

Bellevue Middle School builds on the programs at Bellevue Elementary with a 1:1 computer program, and added emphasis on the applications of reading, writing, and computation, through exploratory classes, rich technology resources, challenging foundational classes, Problem-Based Learning, and many "hands-on" learning experiences.

Bellevue High School stretches that learning with a continuing 1:1 computer program for all students, 20+ college credit classes onsite (with opportunities to take any college course online through the Eastern Iowa Community College District), demanding core instruction and vibrant vocational offerings, and an emphasis on hands-on learning and the application of learning through Problem-Based Learning experiences in all curricular areas.
Throughout the district, our programs and resources are focused on providing students with the skills and attitudes needed for success in a global society. Our goal is for ALL students to grow and prosper to the fullest measure of their abilities and interests. A unique part of our school district is that the average graduate leaves the school with nearly 20 college credits at no charge, and many students earning over 50 college credits!
"The primary aim of education is not to enable students to do well in school, but to help them do well in their lives outside of school."