Aquin Catholic Elementary

Aquin Catholic Elementary in partnership with students, parish and community, with Jesus Christ as a model of our Faith Community, strives to guide each child as a unique person in the formation of Christian values and attitudes and to develop each child's academic, spiritual, social, physical and emotional capabilities as a goal for his/her future life. This is fostered in an atmosphere of creative freedom and responsibility to self, Church and community.

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Address: 608 3rd Ave NW Box 460
Cascade, IA 52033
Phone Number: 563-852-3331 ext. 102
Aquin Catholic Elementary School is an early childhood through eighth grade Catholic School program within the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Aquin system also includes a daycare, preschool, latch key, and elementary and high school religious education program.

Aquin is conveniently located off of the four-lane Highway 151, which is 25 minutes southwest of Dubuque, Iowa, and 40 minutes northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Aquin is located in the city of Cascade and sits directly on the Dubuque and Jones County lines.
"I am a parent of former students (4) and the grandparent of 3 present students. Aquin was and is a wonderful school offering a first rate education for all levels. Teachers and staff are very involved and caring! They work so well with students of all levels and always keep parents informed about their child. Truly blessed to have Aquin!!!!!"

"I spent 1st through 8th grade at Aquin and I look back at those years as some of the best and most educational of my life. I remember more about what I learned at Aquin than high school or college combined. Whether that was the teachers my fellow students or the Christ centered learning I don't know but I know I'll never forget it."