Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM)

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a community of Catholic women religious who, in response to a personal call from God, have chosen a vowed life of prayer, ministry and community. In response to this call, BVMs express their mission in service to God's people through our core values of freedom, education, charity and justice.

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Address: 1100 Carmel Dr.
Dubuque, IA 52003-7991
Phone Number: 563-585-2854 ext. 1
Your donation will help us purchase a much-needed vehicle that will allow our sisters to participate in offsite activities. We are currently limited on the number of sisters that we can transport to events and appointments. Fewer sisters are able to be volunteer drivers now and many residents rely on Mount Carmel staff for transportation needs. A new vehicle will allow double the number of sisters to enjoy planned, fun experiences and provide those who are physical challenged with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the community!
It breaks my heart to have to tell the sisters that they cannot attend an activity because we don't have enough room on the van for them. A larger van would allow all sisters who want to participate in activities the ability to do so. -Julie Wessels, Creative Arts Specialist

Having a vehicle to take me and other sisters to events is a real treat. I would not be able take part in all of the special events that are planned for us without the accessible vehicle. I try to attend as many things as I can. -Sister Jane Haslwanter, BVM

The purchase of a new van will enable us to take more sisters on outings and accommodate those who need to travel via wheelchair. It will provide space for supplies such as picnic gear and coolers, and have a 6% grade ramp, making it less fearful for the sisters. -Mount Carmel Administrator Sarah Rentz