Stonehill Franciscan Services

We, the Stonehill Franciscan Services community, in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, offer a continuum of quality lifetime care services in a dignified atmosphere.

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Address: 3485 Windsor Ave
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone Number: 563-690-9623
Stonehill is raising funds for equipment for its Restorative Therapy program. Incorporated into care, Restorative Therapy works to help individuals maintain their current level of independent functioning, whether that is walking, being able to get out of bed or a chair, dressing, gripping utensils for eating, or completing other activities. Restorative Therapy is critical to residents' quality of life, especially as the aging process affects their bodies. It reduces the risk of falls, encourages social interaction through group activities, and helps residents maintain independence. Restorative Therapy is provided 5 days/week by nursing and wellness center staff. Funds will be used to purchase equipment that may include: parallel bars, pulleys, an Omnicycle, weights, dynabands, and balls.

Stonehill Franciscan Services is a faith-based, non-profit senior living community dedicated to providing those in need of care with a place to thrive. Our community was founded by the Sisters of St. Francis more than a century ago. And today, through togetherness, compassion, and faith, our dedication continues to grow. Stonehill offers the largest post-acute care unit in the region, serving more than 480 individuals through post-acute care each year. In addition to post-acute care, Stonehill offers independent and assisted living, long-term care, memory and dementia care, outpatient therapy services, and a wellness center.
"My shoulders and my knees are pretty well gone. I want to keep what I have got, that's why I like to go through the exercise." - Marie, 94-year-old resident

"Whether it's walking, getting dressed, gripping utensils, or getting up out of bed, Restorative Therapy empowers residents to keep actively participating in their daily lives." - Ginger, CNA

"When I moved here [Stonehill], I couldn't open a bottle of Coke. Through doing exercises and strengthening my hands, I can now open it myself. I don't have to call someone to help just with that." - Verna, 86-year-old resident

"The one day I was sitting there with nothing to do. I thought, maybe I'll do a little exercise and see how I feel. I noticed my arms were getting a little stronger. Now i just love it!" - John, 77-year-old resident

"It really benefits them [residents], you can tell. They feel good about themselves." - Carol, CNA, CMA